Monday, October 31, 2011

Pop Up Puppet Doll

So, we were talking about Christmas the other day and my 12 year old says something like "I need to make more money so I can buy my Christmas gifts this year"


Instantly I was hit with "what are we instilling in this child?"


...I made a poster and everything to introduce it to the family :)

I figured it wouldn't be too much to ask for everyone to handmake at least one item for everyone else in the family. Of course, my brain is going ninety miles an hour thinking of all these great things I could make and when the latest Family Fun magazine came in the mail I knew just what my 20 month old was getting. Sure, she might tear it up by noon on Christmas day but it was fun to make.

The magazine suggested using a pair of child's tights in place of the shirt but I had the shirt in a pile of outgrown clothes and decided to put it to use and just sewed it into a tube - of sorts)

Any 1 liter bottle would work - I used a lemon juice bottle)
Cut and sew the shirt or just cut the tights into a 7" long tube.
Gather the top edge of the tube.
Stick the dowel in the tube up to the top and glue the wooden head onto the gathered bit.
Glue the bottom hem along the top edge of the bottle.
Cut out your shirt and hands from assorted fabrics.
Glue the bottom half onto the top half enclosing the hands in the sleeves.

Embellish with buttons and trim.Wind yarn around your hands and tie up, then cut apart to form the head of hair and glue it on.


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