Sunday, January 16, 2011

Valentine Decor

I have always wanted to have a stash of decorations for every holiday to make each one special for my family. This year I decided to make some Valentine hearts to start my collection.

Years ago I heard of a woman who left her Christmas tree up until Valentine's Day and changed out the Christmas decorations for hearts and Valentine-y stuff. I always thought that was a neat idea but have never done it. The Christmas tree we have now is really skinny and rustic and I love it. I hated the idea of taking it down this year - so I didn't!
I bought this big box of miss matched fabric scraps at the thrift store months ago and it really came in handy for this project.
I just cut out hearts, sewing ribbon and lace to the fronts, stitched them together, stuffed them, and hung 'em up!


Lynn said...

That is a neat idea and one I'm sure the kids like. Last year my grandkids made a chain with red and white paper while they were visiting us. I didn't have my tree ut we strung it over our stairway banister. My daughter took a picture of it for them to remember it by!

Brenda@let'splayhouse said...

CUTE ... love that little tree - it's perfect for year round decorating.

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