Saturday, January 1, 2011


I am continually amazed at how fast time flies. It seems every year someone in the house is saying that this was the fastest year ever.

I was reading Shannon's blog this morning (her baby boy is 2 weeks younger than Hanah) and her words summed up what I am feeling:

I must say I am a little sad to see 2010 go. It was by far our best year ever since we welcomed this little (girl) into our world. Oh my goodness! No one can describe to you the immediate, intense love you will feel for your child. Even though I am a little sad to say goodbye to 2010, I am really excited about 2011. I love watching (Hanah) grow and learn new things every day. (She) will go from a baby to a toddler this year and I'll try to keep my heart from exploding with love.

As for the rest of 2010 - I am kind of glad to see it go. This was a trying year both spiritually and emotionally. We had many personal changes in our lives and are in the process of making some bigger changes in the near future and I can't wait to see what 2011 holds!

I'm not big on resolutions but I am making one this year - it is simple but I am so bad at it. Drink More Water. There are days that go by that I haven't had a drink of water all day. I drink a lot of juice so that helps but I know that I need to be drinking more water - so that's it. A resolution I can most likely keep - for once.



Anonymous said...

Hanah has such a sweet little face :) I too have mixed emotions about saying goodbye to 2010. it was such a hard yr for us, but we were able to spend a lot of time with my husband. We just find out that he goes this Wed. to get his basic training dates. Let's just say that our house was filled with lots of tears last night. He will be gone 6 months. You are so right when you talk about how fast children grow. It is hurting him that he will miss seeing Autumn grow and change the 6 months he will be gone. I pray you guys have an incredible 2011. Oh and drinking more water is a great resolution :)

Brenda@let'splayhouse said...

LOVE this post ..... so true!
WHAT are you feeding that baby ????
She's getting so chubby . ADORABLE!

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