Friday, December 3, 2010

Week of deals

I have gotten some incredible online deals in the last few weeks and they are flowing into my mailbox this week - yay!

A while back I signed up for Ruelala and received a $20 credit (no longer available). The items on the site are ridiculously expensive - like $39 pancake mix and $70 necklaces. BUT! Once in a while they have a killer deal and this was one of them. I was able to buy two Calvin Klein Home pillows for $1.75 total. I could only get European size so I'll have to get some special cases for them but I love them!! They are huge - my husband thinks they could double as mattresses!
(and is it just a little pathetic that I am almost as excited about the high quality bags they came in as the pillows themselves???)
Here is my invoice for these:

+ $0.00
+ $9.95
- $20.00
Order Total: $1.75


Another site like this is Again, ridiculously expensive but deals can be found here and there.
After a $20 credit I was able to get this geometric stacker for Hanah for 95 cents!

Order Summary

Order Subtotal:$13.00
Sales Tax:$0.00


Our local thrift store had 50% off day after Thanksgiving and I scored a number of items of clothing, a sit and spin, and a heavy afghan for just over $16 total.

By far though, my biggest success last week was at Walgreen's. They were offering a ton of items free after Register Rewards. I simply bought my first item out of pocket and used that register reward to buy the next item, then used that register reward to buy the next item and so on...I basically only had to pay tax and a few cents on each purchase.

All of this at regular price would have cost...$304
Total I paid after sales, coupons, and register rewards...$14.88!!!!!
I had to do so many separate transactions here are my receipts at the end:


Anonymous said...

WOW that Walgeens purchase was IMPRESSIVE! :O It's amazing how God takes care of us in such wild and unexpected ways!! I got your email and I, like you, am waiting for some quiet time where I can concentrate on my response. Otherwise, you might get gibberish. lol I'm praying for you guys!!

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