Wednesday, November 10, 2010

'Tis the Season

It is snowing here today (yay!) and bitter cold. We put up some Christmas decorations over the weekend. It seemed a little early but we couldn't help ourselves. Seems we have a renewed excitement for the season with a baby in the house. Everything is magical.

I really want to decorate every little corner this year. Usually I just put everything in the living room but I want to spread it into the other rooms and make them all...magical! The girls are getting into it too.

Yesterday I focused on the bathroom. A much neglected room in our house because it is in serious need of an day.

Here it was at the beginning of this week:
(I had already taken everything off the cabinet and thrown a horrible cactus that stood in the corner in the trash)

And after:
I had been thinking of painting the cabinet white for a while and I figured now was a good a time as any. I really like how it brightens up the room. I moved a bookshelf in from the kitchen to hold our hair and laundry things, added some Christmas magic and voila! I am especially pleased with how the garland makes the exposed pipe look so much better - I really need to paint that thing white!!
Bella bought all the things to make this wreath and then regretted spending her money so Dad bought it off her! I'm going today to pick up some silver candles for the candlesticks.

I really need something in the corner to hide the cracking wall that just needs to be torn out and replaced - but for now I'm going to put up this wire basket I found at an estate sale last week for a quarter! I'll add some towels and soaps to it and it should look good.


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