Wednesday, October 6, 2010

White Boards!

I just found this very cool - very simple way to make super cute white boards.

Scrapbook Paper:
I've made two of these so far and use this one for school every day.
Such a simple idea but I think it beats the typical office supply white board by a long shot. I had no idea until recently that just glass works as a dry erase board. My mind is churning with ideas...

We've got a craft fair coming up in town in a few weeks and I'm thinking about whipping up a bunch of these for the big event.


Hayley said...

I so love this idea! It's one of those "Of course, Brilliant, Why didn't I think of that?" ideas!!

Kristy Quinn said...

What a terrific idea! Thanks for sharing. Sadly, my life has been so cray I haven't had much time for reading blogs. I miss yours. :)Thank you for the comment on mine and for checking on me. The prayers are appreciated! I wrote a new post today on my Raising Godly daughters one. If you ever need to contact me, to pray for you or just to chat, you can reach me at



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