Friday, October 15, 2010

HOMEmaker's Challenge

Amy has a terrific HOMEmaker's challenge up this week:

"Your Homemaker’s Challenge is to add 3 new outfits to your wardrobe BUT, you can’t spend any money."

Oh boy...

I was up for this challenge. My mind got going and I thought up a bunch of different things I could do. Here is what I came up with:

Outfit #1
This shift dress was bought for 50 cents at a thrift store months ago and I have never worn it. I stuck it in the back of my closet and figured I would never wear it. Today, I got it out and paired it with a sweater I already had, some tights, and I now have a fall outfit for the chilly days when I want to get a little dressed up.

Outfit #2
Okay, so this isn't an outfit but I love this! I took this pair of shoes I have had forever and was almost ready to throw away last week and simply cut off those awful elastic straps - voila - new shoes!

Outfit #3
I couldn't really find just one more new outfit but I did bring in all our winter clothes from storage and switch out from our summer clothing. I was nice to see some things I hadn't worn since before I was pregnant and one pair of pants in particular that I used to really like wearing now fit me perfectly!


One More Equals Four said...

Amazing the difference in the shoes! They are so cute! This was a TOUGH challenge for me, but I did it, Yay!

I really need to try a thrift store sometime. I just let the thought of the time spent trying to find stuff intimidate me and I don't even go into them. Great job!

Misty aka Elvisgirl said...

You must be a lover of red like me. You will really enjoy wearing the little black dress with the red sweater...are you adding the shoes to that outfit? I like them with or without the elastic... you just gave them a new life.

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