Thursday, October 7, 2010

Free Samples!!!

I got this box in the mail the other day. I didn't remember ordering anything so I was curious as to what it was. I was shocked at the free samples that came from Boiron - a cold medicine company.We're well stocked for a long while and I have lots to share!


September said...

WOW!! How did you receive the free samples from Boiron!!?? we LOVe their products,,, what a blessing... no sickness in your home for a looonnngg time. lol

Hayley said...

That's crazy awesome! Those were all FREE samples?!? Sweet! I love following your I nomintated you for a blog award. Stop by my blog to see!

Proverbs30one said...

September - there was a post on moneysavingmom I think a while ago offering them to Mommy bloggers.

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