Monday, October 25, 2010

Craft Fair

Well, we did it. We crafted until our hands were dry, our feet were sore, our backs were aching, and our fingernails were stained with paint.

And it was great!

We ended up making:
24 candlesticks/pedestals (I love these!!!)
14 countdown block sets - sold all but one!
4 work block sets (I had more of these almost done but just couldn't finish them in time - too bad, I could have sold more as I sold out of what I had)
over 40 cake pops
6 white boards

Here are the candlesticks. I sold about half - which is okay because I can find all sorts of places for them around here or give them as gifts:
Here is half of the fair. Its held in the high school, in 2 huge rooms, one with an upper floor, and 2 hallways. We were in the smaller room of the two and I enjoy that room. It is quieter, brighter, and not so big. We were across from a lady that sells home decor items which she buys wholesale. By 2:00 she had made over $5000!
Our booth - it was tiny, only 3'x10' so only one of us at a time could sit the entire day. The girls enjoyed being there all day and were able to get a little shopping in as well. Hanah got to go home around 2:00 with Daddy - she was getting pretty restless by that time.
Our cake pops - we sold about half of them:

Here are some things we purchased:

I got these earring for Bella, she was eying them - so I slipped away and got them for her stocking ($1):
The girls were shopping on their own for a bit and were so excited when they came back to show me what they bought for Hanah ($2.50):

It was a long and exhausting day (week) and we went out for our date in the evening to a Mexican restaurant. We shared this enormous burrito - I just had to take a picture. We were both stuffed by th


wholesomewomanhood said...

This looks like so much fun! I've thought it would be great to sell some things at a craft fair, but I have no idea how to go about it. Any tips? :-)

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