Monday, October 18, 2010


So, there is this craft fair in town and I love being in it. Love making the crafts, hanging out all day and selling my wares. A couple of weeks ago I realized it was coming up and was totally not prepared. I made the appropriate phone calls to get myself in the fair but didn't hear back. I figured it was God's way of saying no so I didn't push the door open.

Well, last Thursday I got my call back. They had an opening in the main room (as opposed to the not so busy hallways) and I was first on the list to offer the spot to. Yikes!! I did think about it for half a day and pray about the opportunity and that afternoon called back and said yes!

Thing is...

the fair is this Saturday - double yikes!

But I know I thrive of busyness and being pressed for time so this weekend I employed my husband to cut up a bunch of wood for me. He is so supportive - he says, "well, if it doesn't sell, we have firewood for a while!" Nice! He just goes with it though and humored me by cutting up "really nice wood" into cubes.

Anyway...the plan is to make these:
into these:
And these:
into these:


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