Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pushing the Limits

There has been a great coupon out for $1 off post-it-notes. Walmart has the single packs for $1 - making them free. The best part is there is no limit on these coupons so I printed 35 of them and headed for Walmart.

Wouldn't you know they gave me a huge hassle saying that they couldn't take them because it would make them free - gasp!

I had been in touch with one of the managers in the past with problems like this and so I threw his name around a little but he wasn't in. I decided to take my coupons and go home.

The next day I called the manager and he said there was come confusion with my coupons (I guess I had been the talk of the coffee room!) They thought I had photocopied the coupons - which is a big no-no. I assured him I did not and he told me to come back in and ask for him if I had any more problems.

I went in that morning and everything went smoothly - coupons scanned - got my 35 pads of post-it-notes and paid only tax.

I am SO tempted to go in with 100 coupons next time - but who needs that many post-its!?!


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