Friday, August 20, 2010

It's That Time Again!

For the last few weeks I have been spending a lot of time organizing our fall an the start of the next homeschool year. I've been pouring over curriculum catalogs and websites devoted to ideas and ways to better manage and organize my home. This year of schooling will be challenging for a number of reasons. The first being our new baby and figuring out how to manage it all with a squirmy wormy in tow. The second is that I will be teaching alone this year.

With no help.

Teaching 10th grade geometry.


I will outline by plan of attack at keeping house in another post but tonight I wanted to get down in print what we will be using this year.


Math 10 – The Life of Fred – Geometry

This one is new to us this year and it looks like it will be enjoyable, simple to use, and fun – whew! The books are written by a retired math teacher who loves math and wants to share his enthusiasm with students. Likely to be very appealing to learners who prefer something more than "dry" math.

Math 7 – Mathematics for Christian Schools – Rod & Staff

I was worried about getting math curriculum for both girls and was browsing our bookshelf the other day and found the math 7 we used a few years ago that will be just perfect for H this year. Praise God!

History – Mystery of History, 2nd Semester

We started this last year and completed the first semester. It turned out to be the favorite subject of both girls.

Science – Answers in Genesis – The Design for Life Series - Heat & Energy, Machines & Motion

We've been working through the entire series for a few years.

Radio Shack Electronics Course

Creative Writing/Composition – The Write Stuff Adventure

Another new one – looks fun! Students write letters to Grandmother, an autobiography and news articles. They put out a family newsletter with interviews. They learn how to write copy for want ads, cover letters, and letters to the editor.

Art – How Great Thou Art - Drawing Course on DVD

This one just came in the mail and the girls watched the first lesson – they are looking forward to it.

Consumer Math – Everyday Survival Skills

Exercises on checking and savings accounts, loans, insurance, and more. "How-tos" for shopping, travel, voting. Deals with social security, job applications, aptitude tests, and more.

Typing – Online course


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