Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Hadassah

Hadassah - you are 11 years old today!

What a joy it has been to share in your life the last year (and beyond). You have grown tremendously in the last few months and are turning into such a lovely young lady. I get comments all the time about how helpful you are and what a servant heart you have. Enough to make a mom so proud.

Your current interests are concocting interesting "foods" in the backyard out of mud and outdated food I give you. You remind me so much of me at your age - I used to love doing that! You love to get creative in the kitchen too and are developing a growing interest in sewing and doing all sorts of crafts. You love to collect things - seashells, letters, items from nature walks - dried flowers, favorite stones, interesting leaves. You are just starting to gain a real interest in reading. We used to have a hard time getting you to read through an entire book but now more often than not, we are seeing you with a book in your hand. You love your sisters and are enjoying your time with both an older and younger sibling.

Your birthday this year was spent both with friends and family in Canada and here at home. Today we went swimming, made homemade pizzas, roasted hot dogs in the backyard, ate cake, and opened presents. Right now you are in the backyard having a sleepover in the tent. What fun!

Looking forward to another year...
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


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