Monday, July 12, 2010

Farmer's Market

Our local farmer's market is up and running now. It is definitely small town fare. But it is quaint and it gives the girls and I something to prepare for each week. We've been baking and making soap to sell. We haven't done very well in sales - my daughter sold 6 cups of lemonade this past Saturday and nobody was interested in our soap this week. We don't really care though. It is fun and gives us something to do together each weekend.

I always make my own laundry soap for home so I thought I'd try to package it in a cute way and sell it.
I also made a couple of purchases - the small town has its perks - the prices were great!

15 stalks of rhubarb for $1.00
A large bag of sugar peas for $2.00
I froze a bunch of the rhubarb - but not before making a crisp - yum!


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