Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Deals of the Day

Twice a year I get this great coupon in the mail for $10 of JCPenney money! My total just has to be 1 cent over $10 and all I pay is tax. I went this morning and picked out these two pieces of jewelry. The bracelets are for a Christmas present for B and the necklace is for me! I paid $1.04 for both:
I also stopped in at Walmart to redeem some coupons I had been saving. Total paid for all of this was $3.02. The most expensive item was the dish soap at 80 cents. Most everything else was free or a money maker so the money spent was mostly tax.
Some notable coupons:

FREE Bengay ($5 coupon here)
Pampers Wipes and Rolaids coupons were in the Sunday paper insert.


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