Wednesday, May 19, 2010

3 Months

Hanah - you are 3 months old today!

  • You weigh 13 lbs
  • You are still wearing size 3 months clothes but are fitting into some 3-6 months too
  • You are getting so active - such a squirmy-wormy all the time - changing your pants is becoming a challenge!
  • You really don't care for sleeping during the day - just too much to see and do! But you succumb a couple of times each day.
  • You are drooling a ton - so messy, but cute!
  • Once you are asleep, you a good sleeper
  • You are still eating consistently every 3 hours or so and sometimes go for a stretch of 5-6 hours at night!
  • You still love to be swaddled, cuddled and held - you sleep the best this way
  • You really enjoy going out, especially to the grocery store - you love the ceiling lights
  • You greet every morning with smiles and squeals of delight
  • You enjoy being worn in the snugli - face out. In fact, you are happiest facing out most of the time even when being held - you want to see everything
  • With the nicer weather, we are getting out for lots of walks and you seem to enjoy your stroller
  • You love your sisters very much and smile and coo at them when they talk to you
  • You continue to suck on your hands and have begun extending your fingers to suck on them too
  • You have started rubbing your eyes when you are tired
  • Your neck muscles are getting so strong and you can hold your head up without wobbling too much
  • You have started laughing out loud at times
  • You are the light of my day and I love you so, so much!


Brenda@let'splayhouse said...

Awww ...... the cutest thing EVER!!!
David wants to know how you got her to sit up - He said, Maybe they put honey on the pillow and stuck her to it. :-)

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