Saturday, April 17, 2010

Two Months

Hanah - you are 2 months old today!

  • You weigh 10lbs 8oz
  • You are 22" long
  • You had your first visit with Dr Boehmer this morning and he said everything looks great!
  • You are growing so fast!
  • You still wear size 3 months clothing
  • You have discovered your fingers and hands and try to pacify yourself with them
  • You are so happy first thing every morning - so full of smiles and coos!
  • When we squeal at you, you sometimes squeal back and give us big smiles
  • You love spending time on your changing table. Even if you were crying before, it always turns you into a smiling baby
  • Daddy calls you "Elmer Fudd" when you stick your bottom lip out to pout and furrow your brow (you really do look like him when you do that!)
  • Mommy calls you "Hanah-Grace" because it was God's grace alone when He gave me you!
  • You laughed out loud for the first time at exactly 6 weeks old
  • You are on an excellent schedule. Eating every 3 hours and sleeping sometimes 6.5 hours at night
  • You nap about 3 times a day
  • You love to be held and cuddled
  • In the evenings I rock you to sleep and just hold you in my arms for a long time after you have fallen asleep. I treasure that time with you each night


Brenda@let'splayhouse said...

How ADORABLE is that face ???!!!
Happy Birthday sweet baby Hanah !!!
(wanted to send a card yesterday, but didn't get time)
You are growing so fast!
LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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