Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Dogs Were Happy

I was on the ball today - I made dinner! Truth be told, I have made dinner (and breakfast and lunch) for a few weeks now but today was no exception and dinner was simmering away all afternoon.

Stew and Dumplings was on the menu. I was busy nursing so I had Bathsheba mix the dumplings up and add them on top. A few minutes later I smelled it all cooking. It smelled a little different than usual but I was trying pork stew meat so I figured that was the difference.

Then I really started smelling something different - smoke! You know that awful smell of burning food?


I got it off the heat and we sat down and tried to eat it but the taste of scorched food made its way through the entire thing and we were all disgusted.

I had nothing thawed I could make in a pinch so we had no other choice - in my husband's words - "there is no better reason to eat out than when dinner gets burned"
Well said.

The dogs ate well tonight!


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