Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Deals, Deals, Deals

I was able to find a ton of deals over the last week or so. Our stockpile was dwindling so I was glad to pick up a few things and stock up again.

We have a Wonderbread outlet store nearby that has great deals on bread. I buy lots and freeze it. I found these 12-grain loaves for .95 each!
Walgreen's was offering a week's worth of photo deals so I cashed in on those nearly every day. I ended up with 60 prints and an 8x10 for only .20 total!
Our local grocery store had huge packages of bacon on sale this week. I paid $12 and got 4 ziploc bags full - we're well stocked for bacon for a while.
I made a trip to Walmart, Walgreen's and Albertson's this morning. I had a few things to return so my out of pocket expense was nothing. In fact after returns, I ended up having almost $20 leftover!
At last week's Walgreen's trip I paid around $5 for all of this and had some register rewards leftover so I bought the sidewalk chalk for the summer.


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