Monday, March 22, 2010

When Frugality Doesn't Pay

I am always looking for the cheaper way to do things. To a fault. My husband tells me there are just some things you don't skimp on - and I found one.

My little one has been battling terrible gas pains for a while now and just screams in agony and flails around. I feel so horrible for her and have been getting things out of my diet that I know bother her. We also bought some infant gas drops to help her out.

I figured since the active ingredient was the very same in the generic brand as the brand name we could spend $4 instead of $7 and get the same results, right?


My poor little girl battled these gas pains for a week before someone let me try the brand name. She was in agony and as soon as I gave her the more expensive drops - she quieted right down. I just figured the gas drops weren't working - but I soon realized that there is a major difference in quality when it comes to generic vs brand name.

So, in short...




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