Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cashing In...

A few great deals to be had this week at Walmart and Walgreen's

Walmart Deals:

6 Boxes Cheese Nips FREE ($2/2 coupon here)
2 jars Claussen Pickles $2 each ($1 coupon here)
4 Kotex FREE (coupon in Sunday paper)
1 Rolaids FREE (coupon in Sunday paper)
Scrabble Slam card game ($4 off coupon here)
Monopoly card game ($4 off coupons here)

Total Cost $6.50

Walgreen's Deals:

4 boxes Shredded Wheat FREE ($2/1 coupon here)
Puffs tissues FREE + money maker
Suave conditioner $1 (filler so the store didn't owe me money!)

Total Cost $1.25


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