Friday, January 15, 2010

36 Weeks

Yesterday I hit my 36 week mark! I am SO excited!!! I looked at my ticker and saw there are only 27 days (give or take) to go - YIKES!

Some of the things that I've been feeling this last week:
  • "I can't believe she's almost here!"
  • "Can I really do this?"
  • "I just want to hold my baby"
  • "I pray that she's healthy"
  • "What will I do if she is a he?"
Physically, I've been feeling quite a bit different lately. Sleep deprivation is setting in. It's funny, all the books and articles I read say to get as much rest in the last month as possible. Um, not an option. The pain in my ribs when I lay down is so unbearable at times that sleeping is a rarity these days. I think I got about 3 hours last night - oh well. Just good practice for the months ahead!

I've been having more and more Braxton Hicks contractions. Over the weekend, they were pretty intense but I think it was due to stress as they have calmed down since.

Baby's movements are decreasing just slightly due to the fact that she is getting bigger in there. Now when she moves, I can feel a noticeable bump that is her butt on my right side and a knee/foot/hand on the left side when she stretches out. Dr says she is still head down so we're pleased about that! She's been getting hiccups almost every night when I go to bed too!

The type of person I am, my lack of sleep doesn't have much bearing on how productive my day is. Once I'm up - I'm up and ready to roll for the day so the projects keep happening around here! A few months ago, Casey made a Honey-Do list for me to fill out - and look at it now!
There are just a few more things I really want to get done in the next couple of weeks and I think I'll be satisfied (for a while). We are having some very special house guests next month and I can't wait!!!!!

Since I am having a natural child birth without medication, I've started taking some natural things to prepare me for the big work ahead. One of the highly recommended things is this Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. It tones and strengthens the uterus to make contractions more productive when they start coming. It does nothing to induce labour, just preps the body for when babe is ready to arrive. I am to drink 4 cups a day from weeks 34 onward. It tastes great which is a plus!
I've been washing all of baby's items and softening everything up. I even sterilized her bottles last night!
I look forward to the weeks ahead and the final countdown to our little one's arrival!


Infarrantly Creative said...

Good luck on your natural child birth, it will be the hardest thing you ever do. And looks like your nesting...perfect :0) Happy delivery and a blessed baby girl

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