Friday, January 8, 2010

35 Weeks

Things are going very well, (backaches, rib pain, tiredness aside) and I'm getting anxious to meet our little girl!

Next week I start going for Doctor appointments once a week and gearing up for the big day (or night!)

We've been studying up on natural childbirth. A friend recommended a book called The Bradley Method and I am loving it! It is SO informative and it is making things seem like "hey, I can do this!" My husband has been so supportive and is learning right along with me and is willing to do whatever it takes to help me go through labor and delivery without drugs - what a guy!

Nesting is still going strong and I appreciate that - I was worried I wouldn't get a lot of things done before my due date but with the way I'm motivated to get so much accomplished each day, everything on my "to do list" is being checked off one by one. The other day I watched a video on installing the car seat correctly and immediately thought of how dirty our van is. I marched right outside with rags in hand and proceeded to wipe down the entire interior. We haul our firewood in the van so it gets pretty gross at times - but I got it all cleaned up for now. We just need to take it and give it a good vacuum then we can install the car seat base!


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