Friday, October 2, 2009

Clothing My Kids for Pennies

My kids were in need of some warmer items for the colder weather so I hit the thrift store this week. I was very pleased with my finds.

I thought for sure I would have to buy tights at full price at Walmart but was blessed to find 2 new pairs in one size I needed for $1 each!

Slippers .50 cents
Tights $1 each
Sweater $1.75
Long john pants $1
For my oldest daughter - who is just slightly more picky - ;) I found this long sweater with Macy's tags still attached - $4. She was thrilled!!

I also found some sweet baby girl items. I really need to get my baby items stocked up and found these little things for pennies too!

Denim dress $1.25
2 hats .25 each
2 pairs of socks .25 each
I just love the fact that I can dress my kids in stylish fashions for a fraction of the cost of store brand items - even Walmart.

Total spent on this trip for just over $12.


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