Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pregnancy Update - 21 Weeks!

WOW! 21 weeks already??? It seems like just the other day I was anxiously awaiting the 12 week mark. Then it seemed as though my 18 week ultrasound would never arrive. Now I am halfway through my pregnancy and cherishing every second of it!

For the past few weeks I have had more energy to burn than I have known what to do with. It has been a great opportunity to catch up on some projects that really needed to be done. I am still taking some time each day to relax, put my feet up, read a book, and drink some tea. But I also know that very soon will come a time I won't feel like doing quite as much, so I'm making the most of this time.

I had a doctor's appointment at 19 weeks and was told I would start to feel the baby move more in the next few weeks. Boy were they right! I have been feeling baby girl move more and more in the last week and it is wonderful! This morning, my husband was even able to feel her kicks very slightly.

My body has been very good at telling me when I am overdoing it and I appreciate that. When I do too much in a day I will get a severe backache. The great thing is that I can go to sleep and wake up feeling completely fine the next day.

We have made a semi final decision on baby's name - but I will reserve that for family and friends. Its so neat being able to put a name to this little life. The person inside of me being created and knit together by God.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!


David said...

Thanks for the update. Before you know it, you will be holding your baby girl in your arms. Amazing!!!

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