Sunday, August 2, 2009

Freebies for the Week!

If you're up to filling out a few forms here and there - you can get some really great freebies for only a few seconds of your time.

Here is what came in my mailbox this week:

1 Quart of Glidden paint. A while ago Glidden was offering a free quart in your choice of color to a number of customers. I picked a dark chocolate brown and can't wait to use it!

Coupon for a box of Rice Krispies. It has been ages since I purchased these in brand name instead of malt-o-meal and I was shocked at the sticker price of over $5 for this large box! My coupon came from vocal point this week so it made these free.

Nescafe Instant Coffee Samplers. I've already tried 2 of these out and they're great!

Free Twix Bar from Free Chocolate Fridays! Sign up every Friday and they'll send you a coupon for a free chocolate bar of your choice. I've done this for about 6 weeks now and have redeemed 4-5 coupons for free chocolate - yay!


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