Thursday, August 6, 2009

County Fair

Our Country fair was last week. The girls and I submitted some open class exhibits for the first time. We all went through the booklet and picked out a few things to submit.

Hadassah chose peanut brittle, a photo album, and an antique cookbook:

Bella chose sugar cookies, a number of flower arrangements from her personal garden, an antique baby sweater, and a photo album:

I chose my Grandma's Lemon Loaf, parsley, and spearmint from our garden.

We went back later in the week to see how we did. We each received a number of blue ribbons and Hadassah received the Best of Division for Scrapbooking ribbon.

We went yesterday to pick up our items and were each given a check - I had no idea there was money involved! Hadassah and I each won $5 and Bella won $16.50 plus a $5 gift certificate to a local scrapbook store! She won most of her money for her flower arrangements.

We had so much fun that we plan to submit items again next year for sure!


Misty said...

How exciting...and what wonderful surprises! Enjoy!

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