Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pregnancy Update - 10 Weeks!

I am 10 weeks today! I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that I am really going to have a baby!!!

I'm still feeling the pits but at least I can control my nausea with eating. My new favorite snack is swiss cheese and deli ham - yum! I've also been having a teensy little craving for Pizza Hut. Of course it doesn't help that we live one block from it, can smell it cooking daily, and I babysit a little boy who has a mother who works there and shows up smelling like it every day - yikes! I've only had to have it twice so far - but man, was it good! My husband is considering this baby to be a boy because of the pizza cravings!

Most of my clothing is getting really snug on me. I cleared out my drawers the other day of everything that just doesn't fit anymore and was only left with a small handful of items to wear! Last weekend I found a cute top at a yard sale from Motherhood Maternity and just yesterday I picked up a couple of warmer tops for winter and a cute brown and white stretchy dress that is so comfortable and I should be able to wear for a long while.

I've been picking up things for baby here and there to make the purchases less of an expense at once. We've been really blessed to find some great deals on nearly new items. Here are a few items I picked up this week:

Martha Stewart Cable Knit yellow blanket ($2)
Sweet little yellow sleeper ($1.25)
New pack of bibs ($2)

I can't wait to find out the gender of this little one. I am seeing the sweetest little things and can't wait to pick out little dresses or cute baseball outfits!


Amy Bayliss said...

Oh congratulations!! Babies are such a joy and the second trimester was always best for me.

motherhen68 said...

Aww, so sweet! It's good that you visit garage sales & thrift stores. I had not discovered the fine art of thrift when I was pregnant 12 years ago. I kick myself all the time now for the $$ I spent on all the things they "needed" (ie, the bouncer, the playpen, etc). I could have bought all of it gently used!

Good luck w/your pregnancy.

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