Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We went in for our second ultrasound today.

The office was getting a new machine and I was the first guinea pig to try it out on.
It was so fun to see the little "gummy bear" as they called it.

They checked the baby's length and compared it to how far along I am.

Baby measured 8 weeks 1 day and I am 7 weeks 5 days - so pretty close!

They also measured the heartbeat at 164 bpm and said that was good and strong.

I am so pleased!!!

Here are some photos of our new little one! Baby is only 1.5 cm long but you can clearly see the head (on the right), arm and leg buds and the spinal column coming out the end all within the sac.

So beautiful!!!


Misty said...

GORGEOUS pics of your precious new one! I LOVE ultrasound pics! :o) I posted a comment on an earlier about a friend that is pregnant...she is coming up on 10 weeks and she is Hindu. My husband wanted to call the baby "pickle" and I thought the nickname should be a Hindi name...so "achar" it is! It is Hindu for pickle. Everyone is getting a laugh out of it and in their culture they don't announce the pregnancy until sometime after 3 months along - her parents and in-laws know and she has told them that we are all calling the baby "achar"...I wouldn't be surprised if they started too. LOL! Hope your morning sickness doesn't stick around long...my friend is already feeling much better the last few days...still praying for you and your "gummy bear"!

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