Monday, June 29, 2009

Pregnancy Update - 7 weeks

I am 7 weeks, 3 days tonight and feeling every bit pregnant! I love it!

Throughout my battle with infertility I had countless people complaining to me about this and that to do with pregnancy and inside I would think - I would give anything for that! Now that I am in the thick of it - I still wouldn't give up this feeling for anything.

The first couple of weeks I felt great! I thought I would be one of the blessed 20% that flew through pregnancy without any sickness. Um, no. People told me that it would hit around 6 weeks and boy were they right! At 6 weeks exactly I started feeling queasy. Daily it got a little worse until it turned into all day sickness that can only be helped by eating. I have had to learn to eat small meals, so that I can eat more often and to choose my meals and snacks wisely since I am eating so much. I am learning to reach for fruit instead of brownies. Water instead of coke. I'm actually doing okay at the wise choices thing - for the most part.

The day before I found out I was pregnant, our family started bike riding every weekday and we've continued to do so. It must be working because at my 6 week OB appointment, I had lost 1 pound! I don't expect this to be a continuing trend, but for now, it feels great!

Before I even knew that I was pregnant, I would get so sleepy in the early evening. My eyelids would get super heavy around 8pm. That hasn't changed at all. I have bouts of energy throughout the day but sure am sleeping more than ever. I am not a napper by nature - but that has changed!

I'm going into the Dr again this Tuesday for a second ultrasound. At my 6 week appointment they performed a portable, mini ultrasound. They are getting a newer ultrasound machine this week and asked me to come in for a freebie. I'll update on those results as soon as I get them.


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