Friday, May 1, 2009

Yard Sale Finds!

Today was officially the start of great yard sales in our area. There have been a smattering of them the last few weekends but today - there were 8! On a great mid summer weekend, we will hit over 40 yard sales, but eight for the first of May is still great!

And look what I found?

Super cute raised wrought iron dog feeder (Ebay)

Garfield glasses and jug from 1978 (Ebay)
Retro style popcorn popper (Ebay)
Enamelware Camping Dishes (Ebay)

And the best find/deal of the day was this Wagner Power Painter Kit for only $3 (It has a $119 price tag on it and has never been used)
We've been wanting one of these to paint the outside of our house - one day! I was sure she was going to ask $20 for it, but when she said $3, I simply said okay and paid - quickly!


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