Monday, May 25, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I created a weekly menu last week and actually stuck to it! It made life so much easier knowing what to make, when to make it and what preparations needed to happen beforehand. So this morning I sat down and did it again!

I have a desire to be a very super organized person - but I have a hard time making it happen. Hopefully I can accomplish it in this one area of my life - for now.

Breakfast - Waffles and Fruit

Lunch - Taco Casserole

Snack - Fruit
Dinner - BBQ Ribs and corn on the cob

B - cereal, toast, fruit
L - Beef Stroganoff, veggies

S - granola

D - Enchiladas, veggies

B - Puffed Pancake, fruit

L - BLT, carrots, chips

S - fruit
D - Lasagna, garlic bread, caesar salad


B - cereal, toast, fruit
L - Refried Bean Tostadas
S - granola

D - Stuffed Tomatoes


B - Baked Oatmeal

L - Homemade Mac & Cheese, carrots, celery
S - fruit
D - BBQ Steak (Chicken), broccoli, barley


B - cereal, toast, fruit

L - Chimichangas, veggies
S - granola

D - out


B - Smoothies, toast

L - Nalysnyky, sausage

S - fruit

D - BBQ Hamburgers, fruit salad, chips

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