Monday, May 18, 2009

A Long and Random Post

Just a super-mixed post about my day.

The little boy we babysit stayed home today so I was able to sleep in - which I did - for all of about 20 minutes! I just could not get back to sleep. Don't you hate that?

The weather has been hot here - right now it is 90 degrees and we're just about ready to bring the air conditioner in from the shed.

We planted our garden on Saturday. My husband tilled it a week ago and we planted our seedlings.

This year we've planted tomatoes (lots!), broccoli, zucchini, green beans, strawberries, pickling cucumbers, yellow wax beans, and herbs. I'd still like to get rhubarb and some other veggies in the ground before it's too late.
Growing up, we had a chive bush in the backyard and I loved picking chives for dinner - this year I planted some...
...and I just had to put them to use right away.

With the weather being so warm, it is sun tea season! I pulled out some large mason jars and have been making a batch every day on the porch.

Today is irrigation day - I loathe irrigation day. We turn on the spigot in the alley and let the water flood the yard. It is so messy and makes the house dirty. I'm glad we only do this every five days.

The girls found a baby sparrow last night in the yard...
They tried nursing it to health but it didn't make it.

We've been raising some new chicks to go with our five grown chickens and they are finally able to go outside - it's a good thing, they were really starting to stink! (They are in their "ugly" stage)
And it was time for a haircut - we did it in the backyard so the house wouldn't get any more messy - such a beautiful day!
To top off a great day - the mail arrived this afternoon with a ton of freebies!



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