Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm Noticing a Pattern

I'm starting to notice a pattern in myself lately.

I stared into my closet the other morning looking for something to wear for the day. It was a bright springy day and I wanted something to wear that reflected the mood. But all I saw was this:

Bland, boring, black or dark clothes.

I used to love, love love black. It was nearly all I owned but now I am ready for some lightening up. I'm doing the same with my house these days too.

I guess it's a pattern.

I was at Family Dollar this morning and found a few cute tops to perk up my wardrobe. I really like Family Dollar clothing.
  • It is inexpensive (these were only $4 each)
  • They have medium quality clothes (they last a while)
  • The styles are super-cute!

Here are a couple of tops I picked up this morning:

This one I bought a few weeks ago (also from Family Dollar) and I really like it:

PS. Hope you like my new blog background and header. I spent all evening yesterday creating the header with my husband's help.


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