Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Could Open a Store!

Kraft put out some incredible high dollar coupons a couple of weeks ago and I finally used them tonight. I paired them with great sales at Albertson's, Smith's, and Walmart. I hit all three stores tonight and came out with some good bargains.

Some deals to note:
The crackers were are incredible buy. They were on sale for $1.44/box. I had $1 coupons so I got them for .44 cents a box!

Albertson's was doubling coupons this week in our area (which is something they normally don't do), so I got some Kraft shredded cheese for pennies.
The BBQ sauce was on for .82 and I had #1.00 off coupons - this made lots of free BBQ sauce with a little overage on each one. I also got more free lint rollers and kotex.

The Stacey's chips were a new item for me - I anxious to try them using this recipe.

Now the problem I am alwasy faced with after a shopping trip like this - where to put it all!


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