Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Change of Place

We decided last week to separate our girls into their own rooms. My oldest is 14 and just "needs her own space". We only have 3 bedrooms total and up until now, the girls were sharing one and the spare room was our office/craft/school/storage/ebay/piano/junk room.

I don't mind switching things around but the biggest challenge by far was where to put the computers. My husband and I each have one. We have considered paring down to one but it just won't work for us. I sell on ebay through the week and he uses his for work. So - two computers without a home. The only option we saw was to move them into the living room. The down side (besides losing my living room to a couple of eyesore computers) is that we'd have to have the cable company install another line at that end of the house for $60. I didn't care for the idea but saw no other solution.

Until I was laying in bed last night.


Our closet holds a myriad of items besides clothing. Camping gear, food storage, Shop-Vac, scrapbooking stuff, play-pen, sewing machine, board games, cd collection, books, linens, home decor, blankets, rifle, and on, and on. It was time for a change. I offered the solution to my husband who thought it was a great idea!

I searched online for some inspiration and found this
Here is our closet before

We emptied the closet and made piles all over the house.

Yard sale pile (no pic)

Shed Pile
Find a New Home Pile (At this point I'm just trying to ignore the fact that our "find a new home" pile is rather large and I have no idea where those new homes may be.)
The result - a clean slate!
I got to work right away painting it the same color as our living room. I chose this color because we all just really like it and I needed another gallon for the living room anyway so this was a good excuse to pick it up.
These shelves were already in our closet but my sweet husband built another one on the opposite side for my computer.
The cable box is on the outside of the house right opposite this wall so all we had to do was drill a hole there and hook up.

There are a few things in this picture that I really like.
  • The curtain hanging behind the trim and pulled back in the daytime.
  • The light fixture - it really changes it from closet to office.
  • The photos/decor items around.
  • The wise use of storage space - we need that around here.
But we're going to stop for today and load it tomorrow.


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