Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

It is a great day! Yesterday my husband informed me that I can indeed print coupons again! He figured out a way to do it within linux somehow. What a guy! At first I thought it was a nasty April Fool's joke - but it wasn't.

I spent some time printing out a bunch of coupons I had missed over the last week or so, then skedaddled to Walmart to cash in!

Here is what I got for...(are you ready?)...$3.62 !!!

4 Johnson's buddies soaps FREE
4 Kotex liners FREE
2 Glucerna Diabetic Cereals FREE plus $1 overage on each
1 Yo-plus yogurt $1.50
Gerber Graduates FREE plus $1 overage
Rubbing Alcohol $3 (we needed it)
Halls Defense $2 (needed that too)
Knox FREE plus $3 overage!
Kashi Frozen Meal FREE

With all the overage, it covered our extra purchases with just a little payout. I have heard of people actually having a negative balance and having the store pay them to shop - I haven't had the nerve to see if that would work yet, but I may someday just for fun!

Here is my receipt before coupons and the total after!


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