Sunday, April 26, 2009

.60 CENTS!!!

I bought a bunch of $4 Knox coupons on ebay last week and used them at Walmart yesterday. Each coupon is good for $4.00 of any Knox product and I can use them on plain gelatin which only costs $1.39. That gives me $2.61 in overage on each one toward my other purchases.

I also got some great Mini Wheats coupons in the mail this week from VocalPoint.

My shopping trip looks a little unhealthy this time around but I was just buying things with coupons. Don't worry Mom - I still eat my fruit and veggies!

Here is what I got for 60 cents!
My total grocery bill before coupons was over $55!

Truth be told, my total bill was actually $14.60 but I have been eyeing this cute little black summer dress for weeks and decided to get it this time.


David said...

Glad to hear you're eating your fruits & veggies ........ Moms never stop worrying about that kind of stuff, you know. :-)

Oh - CUTE dress. I can see it on you.

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