Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday

I recently switched from Windows to Linux (not me personally, my husband switched us over - I wouldn't know where to begin!

My big dilemma is now I can't print coupons which require the coupon installer. The first reason is that is simply won't install in Linux, the second reason is that we have recently found out that the coupon installer is totally invasive and installs hidden files in your computer that don't go away upon uninstall.

Kind of scary - and totally unnecessary.

So in this backwards edition I want to know - where do you print coupons without installing the coupon printer?!? I found Target coupons last night and printed a wad of those off.

Any more ideas?


LaVonne said...

Well that is a bummer. Sometimes when coupons are reported in a website I love called slickdeals.net they have a link for mail them to my home. I have done this many times, just to save on ink. Especially if I don't need them right away. The page is always a "trouble shooting" page for people who cannot print. Check out that website and peek around at Internet Printable coupons. (In the forum called coupons of course.)

BTW, I linked your post to my WFMW post. Stop by anytime.


Jennifer said...

Well, after just spending $126 on fixing our computer from major viruses, I am going to stop printing coupons out completely. You are right, they leave nasty stuff on your computer and it isn't worth it.

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