Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where Have I Been?

I really love shoes.

I almost always buy them second hand.

Some may think that this is gross.

I don't.

I look them over very carefully and make sure there is no obvious gross-ness factor going on.

Once I saw a pair of shoes at a yard sale with mouse droppings and nesting materials inside.

I passed on those ones.

I had a pair of shoes that I bought for $3. They were in near new condition. I wore them for a long while and soon they looked like this:

I almost threw them away when I remembered...shoe polish!

Where have I been? I can't imagine the money I could have saved had I remembered this lost art. I remember my Dad polishing and shining his shoes as a kid.

I loved that smell.

I quickly bought a $2.99 can of brown shoe polish and started buffin'.

I was so happy with the results. I gathered everyone's brown shoes and polished them too. I'll be picking up a container of black and white next.

This will be particularly handy when I sell shoes on ebay that are less than perfect.


David said...

That's SO funny - I just had the same experience! Makes you feel like you have brand new shoes again, eh?

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