Thursday, March 5, 2009


Remember this house goal completed? That patched hole is right here:

Well now that wall looks like this:

And this:

Oh the best-laid plans of man.

We spent last Sunday tearing out three lath and plaster walls. It makes such a huge mess I was dreading it but now the mess is cleaned up - and in the front yard:

I'm trying my unsteady hand at taping and sealing the joints in the drywall. Something I am not very good at but I'm just taking it slowly and trying to get it right. I decided to patch, prime, and paint one section at a time to motivate me.

Here is a little corner I finished last night. I am SO happy with the color. I spent an hour picking through blues and decided on Starfire from Ace Hardware. We also installed this little light in the corner. When we put up the wall I thought it was the perfect place for a sconce and since we had a loose cord hanging down anyway, I quickly put it to good use.

The other night we were installing our new vinyl windows and realized much too late that we had bought side to side opening windows instead of up and down openers. I had to run to Home Depot at 7pm (which is 45 minutes away) to pick up the proper windows. It was an exhausting day to say the least. But I must say the trip was well worth it when I saw a clearance rack of white vinyl screen doors. Regularly priced at $99 on sale for $24!!! I called home to confirm the measurement and snapped one up. I think it changes the look of the whole house!


David said...

Oh, my goodness. I LOVE - LOVE - LOVE the screen door ... and the wall colour ... and the sconce!

That door is amazing. Talk about a lot of bang for your buck!

It's all looking great. Hmmm ... you should be a decorator :-)

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