Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

I have so much energy this week, it's scary! I have tackled a ton of projects and made lists and accomplished nearly everything on them. This is unusual for me as I am a self proclaimed procrastinator.

Today's major project was a much needed cupboard makeover. We live in a little house - and that means little storage space. We do have a shed out back but there are some tools that regularly need to be accessed that are handy to keep indoors.

This was our tool/small appliance/paint/whatever cabinet before:
I took everything out and put it on the kitchen table:
And cleaned the cupboard:
I organized the contents and not only filled the garbage can up but made a good size pile of things that can be stored in the shed:
Here is the cupboard refilled and more organized:
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Mrs. C said...

Great Tackle! You did a nice job.

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