Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love Notes

Last night my 9 year old handed her Dad and me each notes SWAK (Sealed With A Kiss). Her little notes are precious and we love to read them. Last night's was no exception.


Dear Mommy

I thank you sooooo much for your
Great tasteing food!
It tases great!

I thank you so much for bying us groceries.
I thank you that you keep the
house alive with activity and fun.

I love you more than you know it!
I wish I could hug you
sooooooooooooooooooooooooo tight! But I can't!
(Boy - that would hurt!)



Dear Daddy

Thank you for takeing me out to Dairy Queen
with you to get a blizzard.
I really enjoyed it!

I thank you that you are my daddy
and that I have such a good, handsome, silly father like you!

You are the best dad I could ever ask for.

P.S. I hope I did not break your heart!


We have no idea what that last part is about but it made us smile!


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