Sunday, February 1, 2009

Look What I Got for FREE!!!

Okay, so they were all birthday gifts, but they were still FREE!

I had a wonderful party (thrown by my family) on Friday night. We had some friends over, ate a great meal, opened some lovely gifts, played a game of Cranium, and ate cake! It was really fun! Here is the meal my family put together: Here are my gifts... Embroidered tea towels and pillow cases, and new cake pans: I love these measuring spoons from my Mother in Law! My 9 year old has been so excited about what she got me for over a week now and I finally found out why.

I decided (once and for all!) to stop biting my nails - I know! I say it all the time, but I haven't bitten them for over 2 weeks and they are actually growing! Here is proof! To those that know me, this is major improvement!

Anyway, she got me this manicure set and was so thrilled to have me open it she could hardly contain herself. I also got Happy to Be perfume from my Mom, lotion, a necklace, and an anklet from my older daughter: Sharpie markers (love these things!), & candles! A friend gave me these bowls that I've been drooling over at Walmart: My husband and I ended the evening playing a game of Scrabble together - I think even James had a good time!


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