Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Great Day at Walmart!

Armed with a load of coupons, I headed to Walmart today. I was able to pick up almost everything on the list.

4 Purell mini hand sanitizers $1.29 each (less $2/2 coupons) paid $1.16 for all
4 Johnson's Buddies soaps - free - again :)
Progresso Soup $1.50 (less $1.10 off coupon) paid 40 cents
Muir Glen canned tomatoes $1.22 (less $1 off coupon) paid 22 cents
Kotex $1 (less $1 coupon) FREE
Alka Seltzer 24 count $3.27 (less 55 cents off coupon) paid $2.72
Alka Seltzer Wake-Up Call FREE with the purchase of Alka Seltzer
Rice Works brown rice chips $2.58 (less 2 coupons for free bags) FREE
Viva paper towels 78 cents (less 35 cents off coupon) paid 43 cents
Suave conditioner $2.98

Bill before coupons $32
Bill after coupons $13


The last stop was to Albertsons. In the Western States grocery stores rarely double coupons, let alone triple them, so I was thrilled to see the Albertson's flyer this morning with 4 coupons on the front for a doubled manufacturer's coupon up to $1.00.

I was able to snag these 4 Yo Plus yogurt (4 packs) for only 50 cents each.

Originally $2.49 each
I had $1 off coupons which made them each $2 off
Paid $2 for all of this:


Mom2fur said...

You did great! I only go to Walmart once or twice a month, with my husband, as it is not close by. (Okay, it's barely 3 miles away, but I don't like driving very much, LOL!) I really do have to make it a point to see what is on sale there, and bring my coupons!
My best deal this past week was to get a box of 20 Electrasol tabs for 49 cents! CVS had it on sale for 2.99 and I had a 2.50 coupon. I'm glad I checked, too, as it expired that very day.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I was so excited to see those Albie's coupons too! I'm still trying to decide which one's I am going to use.

shopannies said...

You did great. I went to krogers tonight and did great shopping as well it makes you feel good when you know you saved your family money

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