Friday, February 13, 2009

2009 Goals - Week 7

Our weekly goal for this week was finishing the bathroom walls. A year ago or more, we painted the upper half this light green color. Halfway through painting I thought we'd put wainscoting along the bottom half so we just left the bottom half unpainted. It has stayed that way for nearly a year and it was time to get it painted because obviously, the wainscoting wasn't going to happen.

This week we patched the old screw holes and painted the lower half. It looks a thousand times better and I am so glad we got it done.

There are still a couple of things to do in this room like construct a wooden box for around the dryer vent that runs through the room along the floor to the outer wall and also to run boards up the corners to cover some water damage until we can really tear at this room one day.

One more thing marked off the list - YAY!


David said...

Way to go !!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Love the shower curtain!

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