Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

I read an article this week in a magazine on refrigerator organization. My fridge needed cleaning since returning from vacation and the article was much needed motivation.

The best tip I found was to have a specific spot in the fridge for leftovers so they will get eaten. This is a big fault of mine. I cook too much food at times and store leftovers with the best of intentions only to find them rotten and shoved to the back of the shelf. This week I even found this brown package of ground beef - yikes!

I tackled the fridge and freezer and discovered that apart from some veggies and some dairy, I won't have to shop for groceries for quite some time!

BEFORE: (top fridge shelf had already been done)

I also organized my spice and medicine cabinet. I decided a nice way to wrangle all the medicine bottles would be a basket. Now when I need to find something, I just grab the basket and look in there.


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Anonymous said...

I store my medicines in a wire basket as well. It was the only way that I could control it.

I too cook way too much and I am nto a huge fan of left-overs. One of the things I have learned to do is to eat it for lunch the next day no matter what. LOL

Good TiT projects!

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