Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Dream Kitchen

I really enjoy Real Simple Magazine. But at $4.50 a pop I just can't bring myself to do it. Yesterday at the thrift store I found 3 recent editions for 20 cents each!

I spent the evening thumbing through them and dreaming of a more organized home and a more "together" decorating style. I came across a picture of what I like to call my Dream Kitchen.

We have been dreaming of how to tackle our ugly kitchen as a renovation project. One idea I am really drawn to is replacing upper cabinets with shelving. We have basic MDF cabinets and while I don't think they are half bad, my husband detests MDF anything and would replace them in a second. There are a lot of things that need to be done to the kitchen and unfortunately, they need to be done in a certain order. Floors before cabinets, cabinets before tiling the back splash, counter tops before lower cabinets etc...Bleck!

Aside from the "order of events" - here are a few things we have chosen for the kitchen.

The flooring I have picked out is this one from Ikea:
Tundra laminate flooring $1.14 / sq ft

The window over the sink needs to be replaced as well as the larger kitchen window. We have these in the rest of the house and will use this same vinyl windows from Home Depot:

And the allover kitchen look I really want to achieve it this: Let me repeat...
Isn't it beautiful?!?!?

Now, I don't expect the double stainless steel oven or the wrought iron table. Can you really see us homeschooling at that? No, just the shelves and lovely window.

The bowl of lemons is pretty cool too!

Of course, this means I need new dishes so just for fun, I have picked out these:
Corelle Hearthstone in Chili Red


David said...

Wait a minute ..... how can that be your dream kitchen??? That's MY dream kitchen ..... right down to the red dishes! Check out a similar kitchen in 750 ideas - pg. 38/39. I was drooling over the crisp white with sharp red accents just last night. I must say, I like yours even better. Hmmm ... maybe we should just buy a house together. :-)

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