Friday, January 9, 2009

2009 Goals - Week 2

Whew, I barely made it this week. I had great intentions of completing my weekly goal for 2009 but the week got away from me.

We were able to hang the $7 light fixture in the girls' room this afternoon - YIPPEE!!!

I looks so beautiful!

Their old fixture was hanging by the wires only, it wouldn't screw into the lathe and plaster ceiling very well. We thought about how to rectify the situation and decided to install a wooden board (painted white) to the ceiling first so that the fixture would have something solid to attach to.

We attended an estate sale this morning and were able to get a nice scrap of plywood for nothing. My husband cut it down to size, I painted it, and we hung it all up.

So pretty!!!


David said...

I love milk glass. It's a classic. I'll bet it looks really nice in the girls' room.

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