Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Goals - Week 1

When thinking of my 2009 goals I get very overwhelmed.

We just returned from vacationing in Canada and visiting my Mom's lovely home. It is perfect - right down to the toys lined up inside the toy basket just so. Every time I return from there I look at my home and want to change everything. Fix things that are needing fixed, paint walls, install light fixtures, move furniture. It's very overwhelming.

My husband and I were talking about everything we'd like to accomplish in the next year with the house and he suggested we handle it like we would eat an elephant - one bite at a time!

For now, we are planning on doing one project per week. Some may be very tiny - and some will be very large. For instance, this week, since we are exhausted from our trip and still getting back into the swing of life - our goal was very tiny and simple.

Week One: Buy light bulbs and install them.

We have 3 lamps that are missing working light bulbs and some light fixtures needing replacements. The task was simple but still needed to be done and we felt like we had at least accomplished something. Now the dark living room softly glows and feels very warm and inviting.

I think next week will be a painting project.


David said...

Funny how we always see someone else's home as perfect, while noticing every flaw in our own. I too have a large to-do list ..... painting, repairing, replacing light bulbs and, ah yes, baseboards !!! And, about that perfect toy box thing ..... David calls it OCD ..... hmmm ... I prefer to think of it as necessary order :-)
Glad you're blogging again !!!!!

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